Jamboree In The Hills Camping Information



  • Standard camping (located behind the motel) is available for $240.00.  This fee includes two wristbands and the mode of camping (motor home, trailer, tent, etc.).
  • Premiere camping (in front of and along the motel) is available for $350.00 and must be reserved before May 31st.  These front sites are based on previous years’ reservations.  This fee includes two wristbands and the mode of camping.  Electrical service is available for an additional $50.00. 
  • Additional wristbands are available for purchase for a fee of $35 per person. 



We must be able to identify all vehicles and camping accommodations. All reserved campsites and parking spaces will receive a tag for their vehicle and/or camping accommodations when registering. These tags must be visible on your vehicle and/or camping accommodations at all times.  Any vehicle not displaying a tag will be assumed as trespassing and will be removed at the owner’s expense.  Any camping accommodations not displaying a tag will be given one reminder, after this the property will be removed from the campgrounds at the owner’s expense.



Parking along driveway will be at our discretion and not guaranteed for campers camping in front of the motel.  All parking areas will be designated.  We cannot guarantee parking for your vehicle at your campsite.  If you would like to use your vehicle at your campsite or put up a canopy, you must reserve a campsite for it. One additional parking space per campsite is available by reservation at an additional charge of $60.00.  Absolutely no parking is available for non-registered visitors.



  • All campers must register in the Motel office and obtain camping passes & wristbands before entering the campgrounds.
  • Everyone must pick up their own wristband and put it on immediately. NO ONE will be allowed to pick up your wristband for you and you cannot take wristbands for other campers. Everyone must wear their wristband, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • For everyone’s safety and campsite security our staff will be checking for and enforcing that everyone is wearing their wristband.  Anyone not wearing a wristband will be asked to leave the property.



  • Anyone visiting the campgrounds before Jamboree must stop at the office.  Campsites may be “marked off” before Jamboree but they cannot be “roped off”.  Roped off areas done without our knowledge will not be honored.

  • Any vehicle parked, or left unattended which is blocking a roadway or any campsite or that the management regards as a safety hazard in any way will be towed at the owner’s expense.  The campgrounds must be accessible to all emergency vehicles at all times.

  • NO OPEN FIRES are permitted by order of the Fire Marshall.  Gas and charcoal grills are permitted.

  • Absolutely no private golf carts, four-wheelers, quad runners or similar vehicles are allowed on the property at any time.

  • No pools of any size.  No fireworks, sky lanterns, air-horns, slingshots, firearms or weapons of any type are permitted on the property. 

  • Please keep our property free of litter.  For your convenience a dumpster is available for garbage or bagged trash can be put roadside each morning to be picked up.  Trash bags are always available at the Motel office.  

  • Anyone not cleaning up their campsite before leaving will NOT be permitted to camp next year.  THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED.  

  • Please be considerate of your fellow campers.  If there are any problems that you cannot resolve please come to the office.

  • When traveling back and forth to Jamboree, please use provided walkways.  Do not cut through the campsites in front of the Motel.

  • Showers are located behind the Motel and are open 24 hours.  We ask for your cooperation in keeping these areas clean.

  • Ice and Food can be purchased on the premises.  Limited First Aid is available at the Motel office.

  • Motel Office hours will be posted daily.  During the night, Security Officers are available on the property.